Easy fill Gyproc paste to fill breaks in gypsum boards, it has the ability to adhesive breaks tape whether it is by paper or plastic
Filling breaks in gypsum boards and make it soft by the less efforts with clearly saving in costs of each meter square.

Easy fill Gyproc has a huge ability to adhesive and filling it is ideal as a knife of filling the paste in breaks and adhesive the tape
with different kinds, finishing and final polishing without cracking and without shrinkage.


- High ability to fill with the lowest ratio of shrinkage.
- Ability to adhesive breaks tapes with all its kinds on the surface of gypsum boards.
- Standard laboratorial painting rates according to surface nature and layer thickness.
- Easy to mix and applying.
- complying with environmental standards in manufacturing with less thermal energy as well it is packed in foliated bags which can be recycled.
- It has SAINT-GOBAIN company guarantee, Goban Gyproc the first worldwide in producing developing building materials with weak weight and complying with environmental standards.

Easy Fill Paste