About African

About Us

African company is one of the biggest companies, which manufacture and import in field of suspended ceiling
and decoration in Egypt. African company is an agent of the biggest factories of
gypsum boards inside and outside Egypt. We are agent to the following:
- Gyproc company (Blaco).
- Osmaboard Osman company.
- Knauf company.
- G board company.

We are the exclusive agent in Egypt to Chinese ICON brand.
(gypsum tiles, ceiling accessories, metal tape, fiber tape, bolt, and door detection)
As well, FOX brand with Thai specifications.
(gypsum tiles, metal, sheet iron, drilled and flat aluminum tiles, Thai ceilings accessories, metal tape, fiber tape, paste, bolt, and door detection) and all related to suspended ceilings.

The company management is aware to fulfill needs of all customers; factory is related to the company is opened to manufacture all sheet iron sectors necessary to suspended ceilings (omega, angel, coarse, soft, metal sheets, and doors detection with special sizes). This is by company customers confident to sold services and after sales services we present. Whereas we have full teamwork includes: marketing employees and customer services to fulfill all duly customer needs. We are company specialized in the field of gypsum ceilings, therefore, we provide all accessories of suspended ceilings with high quality raw materials, with competitive prices satisfy all levels and meet customers' needs and their financial plans.

Permanent company slogan
Experience means Superiority