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Cement boards are boards of cement with fiber. It makes as boards with length 240 cm and wide 120 cm.
Complete consistent with gypsum boards. It is provided with screed with 6 mm until 20 mm.
Product advantages:
1. Hardiness and strength other than gypsum boards.
2. Water resistance as when making it dive in water, it can absorb water without interaction as it can return to its nature after its dryness. (Such as cement block and other forms of cements) as well moisture resistant.
3. Well appropriate with outside usage as internal use in consideration of its resistance with all weather factors.
4. Its installation and fixation such as gypsum boards totally.
5. It can be painted and installation of ceramic, porcelain, and marble tiles on these boards by tiles adhesive - totally as a cement form.
6. Complying with environmental standards and well resistance against shocks other than normal gypsum boards.
7. resistant against insects and the white termite.

Moisture Resistant Cement Boards

Fire resistant Cement Boards

Normal Cement Boards